I am future-proof !

Smita Mehra

I am fearless and secure about my future as an IT recruiter, thanks to the “AI Empowered Recruiter” program. I have learned how to teach a computer to work like a recruiter and leverage its benefits. Rezoomex’s easy to understand tutorials make learning complex topics like Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning a Breeze!

I have no fear of losing my job. In fact, now I feel equipped to give 10 times the output that I used to give earlier.

What if you too can close positions in record time?

AI Empowered Recruiter course is a FREE course offered by Rezoomex that will help you to become a smart, future-proof recruiter by using Artificial Intelligence to your advantage. In this two-weeks online course, you will learn how to train your computer to assist you in recruitment leveraging Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing.

At the end of this course, you will be able to build & update excel tracker instantly to select the best candidate from the lot and assess candidates on technical skills online. You will also get a chance to a six-months Internship with Rezoomex post successful completion of the AI Empowered Recruiter course.

No more boring manual tasks

Use Lean Hiring to move ahead of other recruiters and gain respect as a Smart Recruiter.

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AI Empowered Recruiter Course

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