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The future is ready to witness the advent of jobs that are complemented by powerful software using artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing. We are already witnessing new and powerful ways of co-working and team formation. Distributed teams are using the social media to recruit team members in remote locations. The process of hiring is becoming more efficient and organised as like-minded individuals are able to find each other more quickly. We are on the verge of a major paradigm shift. Advances in the Internet, Mobile and Cloud computing technologies are transforming the way we collaborate and communicate with our colleagues. We are observing a worldwide acceptance of a new work culture of innovative but small teams that are disrupting old and established business models.

This E-book puts the light on the “Future of Work” in an Automated and Artificial Intelligence driven world of tomorrow. It will help the readers and companies to streamline themselves and transform into the flat work cultured organisations which can sustain the effects of Artificial Intelligence.

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Are you the brain of your organisation? You may be the founder of a company that will shine in future. You may be one of those who is changing things in your company to evolve with the coming evolution. You may be the one who is working towards transformations in hiring and people management that will help sustain the future work environment which is about to change with the dawn of Artificial Intelligence.

This e-book is a must read for head of organisations and leaders of hiring and work environment

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