All companies are Software companies in the modern era.

Use of technology is a must in each industry. This calls for hiring the right IT professionals for the job at a very fast pace and at an equally large scale. Rezoomex helps companies achieve this goal by providing a hiring technology built on Artificial Intelligence for all types of technology hiring.

Rezoomex Hiring Technology is a cloud-based system for progressive companies. The system is designed to free your recruitment team from manual works that actually slow down your hiring process and results in losing the deserving candidates to competition.

With Rezoomex Hiring Technology, your Technology Hiring will become 10X faster with the enhancement in the quality of hired employees.

How Our Product Helps Companies

Step 1 - Parsing

It hasn’t been any easier. Parse the job description in one click to input critical parameters of the job requirement. This sets the parameters for screening resumes.

Just point our system to the folder with all resumes…that’s it! The system will automatically parse hundreds of resumes in no time. To add icing to the cake, our system will remove all hype from resume and present a short & smart resume. It will even tell you which important fields are missing in the resumes. After all, you shouldn’t miss out on a deserving candidate due to incomplete resume.

Step 2 - Candidate Ranking

It is important to know which candidates are the most suitable for the job. Our Tracker matches the parsed resumes with the parameters from job description and scores the candidates based on their suitability.

Based on this score, the tracker ranks the candidates and shows the most suitable candidates for the job at top. The tracker saves a lot of time by scheduling interviews of the most suitable candidates first, calling and messaging candidates with the click of a button. The system consistently and predictably completes one iteration- from resume acquisition to interview scheduling in 48 hours.

Step 3 - Online Technical Assessment

How would it be if you can gauge a candidate’s technical abilities without bringing them to your campus for technical round? Save time lost in scheduling and assessing a wrong candidate for the job with the online technical assessment app exclusively designed for your company’s requirements. Each online quiz has multiple choice questions that are specifically designed for the job you are hiring for. The candidate can take this quiz at any time of the day or night but you don’t have to worry about cheating. It is secure & video recorded test!

Step 4 - Feedback

Highest value of the Rezoomex hiring technology comes from the recruiter's enhanced ability to get meaningful and actionable feedback. Recruiters can ask questions like "Why was a lower ranked candidate found better than a higher ranked candidate? Were we wrong in our understanding of the requirement? Or has the requirement changed?" Once the recruiter gets the feedback ; she can use it to source better resumes for the next iteration and to provide meaningful tips to the rejected candidates- thus improving the company's brand image.