Rezoomex DNA

Plant Vs Animal

(This is the mission statement of Alphonso Informex Pvt. Ltd.)

This organization is like a plant that is planted in a carefully selected fertile piece of land that is situated at the confluence of computer and communication technologies.

Our vision gives more importance to well educated fertile brains than to mere silicon. Our mission is to give the people of this cerebrally fertile land their well deserved place.

This organization will grow like a plant. For every leaf that grows above the ground there will be a root of consolidation growing under it. Every new growth will be a logical outcome of the existing structure. Quite unlike an animal who grows above the ground and leaves it often to pounce on every opportunity that moves fast allowing no time for systematic planning and structured execution is no opportunity at all !

This organization will perpetually reach for the sun knowing well that it’s unreachable. Just like a plant as those at the top will lead a slow, sure and consistent growth. Quiet contrary to animals whose feet lead the way to some earthly goals.

Rewards will first go to those lower down to reach the top in the end contrasted to animals who feed from the top.

This organization will weather storms by holding the ground firmly with the roots than by running for shelter. We will shed weaknesses like old leaves and deadwood to make room for new leaves rather than nursing our weakness like animals.

Our leaves will allow no sunlight to pass through and our roots will absorb the last drop of nutrient making it impossible for competition to thrive on our land quiet unlike animals that engage in bloody battles with their competitors.

This plant will grow to become a strong tree and make it impossible for a hacker to hack it without being caught. The older it becomes, the more fruit it will bear for its investors, employees, customers and suppliers. Fruit that’s equally sweet for every one under its shade just like alphonso!